***** "The company branchs " we have (8) branchs: ALEXANDRIA ( Roshdy - Miami - Ganaklis- - Agme ) - ALGIZA (fisal ) - ALBHAIRAH (Kafr Al-Dawar - Damanhour ) cairo (shobraa ) ****** Sama El Baraka for water treatment and environment technology - with you daily via telephone from eleven o'clock in the morning until ten pm ***** contact --- Hotline: 19738 - Phone Rushdie Branch: 035224090 Mobil: 01273235555 Phone Miami branch: 035408845- 035508019 Mobil: 01273245555- - Alexandria customer service Center b Ganaklis: 03575000 -035750005 Mobil: 01273248888-01273249999 -01273238888 - 01273239999 branch Agme: 039520004 - 039520006 Mobil: 01273242222-01273243333 - Faisal Branch: 0235875533 - 0235875544 Mobil: 01200623333-01200624444 Shubra Branch: 0222090620-0222090640 Mobil 01286025600-01286025700 Kafr Al-Dawar Branch: 01220041888-01220042888 Damanhour Branch: 0453338835-0453338836 Mobil: 01223048888-01223047777 Now the good news for the people of ALBHAIRAH the new branch in Kafr Al-Dawar - elsaad tower in the first floor and the second floor - the new entrance of Kafr Al-Dawar - next Fathallah - For more our contact numbers you can call: 140

Welcome to Sama El Baraka

Sama El Baraka website is one of the most important and spcial websites in the field of water treatment and purification,as the company has an important role in discussing water problem and providing a variety of solution that help solving those problems through scientific methods.

We all know that there are tons of polutants and that we should find a way to remove it alltogeather from our lives,as those roblem doesn't have enough attention and is the cause of lots of chronic diseases

And as we know the importans of every water drop We have had to explain the image that we don't accept to our water

There are lots of water purification units in the market but El Baraka units is all different as it was chosen from the beginig with great attention and that because we belivw we have a message to offer before we think of it as a service.also our attention weren't totaly concentrated on our units but also on our clients and how to offer the best service available to them through out experienced team.